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12 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Do During COVID-19

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Valentine’s Day dates is usually filled with romantic dinners, couple massages, a special movie night. But this Valentine’s Day will look different than past years. You may not be able to go out to that nice restaurant or go to that movie you’ve been wanting to see. This year you may be looking to spend Valentine’s Day at home. And if that’s the case you can still make it a special day.

This year, plan a special indoor activity or date at home. Put some thought into it and you can come up with some exceptional Valentine’s Day date ideas. But if you need some help, here are 12 Valentine’s Day date ideas to do during COVID-19!

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1. Cook Dinner Together

Want to make a special dinner for your Valentine’s Day date night? Why not cook dinner together. This way you can spend the time together while dinner is being prepared and cooked. Pour a glass of wine for each of you, grab all your ingredients and start cooking as your home is filled with the aromas of a delicious meal.

When dinner is almost ready, set the table, dim the lights and light some candles to create a warm, romantic setting and then sit down and enjoy a candle lit dinner.

Champaign on a table setup for a candle lit dinner
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2. Enjoy a Restaurant Curb-Side Pick Up

Are neither of you into cooking? Or are you just looking for a relaxing night instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal? Well, you don’t have to cook if you choose not to. Instead, call up your favorite restaurant, order your favorite meals to pick up curb-side, bring it home and you can still have that romantic candle lit dinner with takeout and without the hours of slaving away over a hot stove in the kitchen.

3. Have a Picnic Inside in Front of Your Fireplace

Whether you decide to cook or order curb-side pick up, instead of a candle lit dinner at your dining room table, try lighting a fire in your fireplace, turn out the lights, throw a picnic blanket down and enjoy a picnic in front of your fireplace. The glow of the flames from the fire will give off the perfect romantic lighting for your picnic inside.

4. Take a Virtual Tour of a Museum or Planetarium

Looking for something different and unique for your Valentine’s Day date instead of the commonly known candle lit dinner? Why not try a virtual museum tour or planetarium tour

If your a history buff then a virtual museum tour would be right up your alley. There are so many museums that are currently offering virtual tours. You can learn some interesting and fun information while on your virtual museum tour.

Or if you are a space nut and love gazing up at the stars, you will love a virtual planetarium tour. Just like museums, there are so many planetariums that are also offering virtual tours. Just turn off your lights, put the virtual tour on your TV and it will be like your right outside lying underneath the sky.

5. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

I love to cook and have always wanted to take a cooking class, but never got around to doing it. But now many are offering virtual cooking classes, so you can take a cooking class without even leaving your own kitchen. Everybody is always more comfortable cooking in their own kitchen, right?

So this is the perfect opportunity to finally take that cooking class with keeping it in the comfort of your own kitchen. A perfect Valentine’s Day dinner for you and your partner. And a great Valentine’s Day gift as well. So maybe even surprise your partner with a virtual cooking class as their gift.

6. Go For a Hike

Like being outdoors? Has it been hard to go out to places because of the pandemic? How about a hike? It’s a perfect way to stay away from people, get your exercise and enjoy the woodsy smell of nature and the crisp, clear, fresh air whipping by you.

Take a Valentine’s Day hike with your partner and enjoy the wonders of nature together.

A couple going for a hike
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7. Take a Leisurely Drive

You’ve been stuck in your houses for almost a year. You are going stir crazy and need to get out. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to get out of your house, but still staying away from everyone with a leisurely drive. Take a drive to areas around you that you’ve never been before and enjoy the new scenery outside your window.

Hold hands with the music filling up your car as you drive up a beautiful country road. Great Valentine’s Day date.

8. Go Camping in Your Backyard

If you live in a warmer area and love camping, but haven’t been able to go to a campground, maybe this can be an opportunity to get your much needed camping trip in by setting up your tent in your backyard and still keep it a romantic night. I mean what’s more romantic than cuddling up together in an intimate, cozy tent.

Tent setup in the backyard

And top it off with a cozy campfire where you can cuddle up together in front of the fire.

Building a bonfire in the backyard

9. Play Board Games

Are you game players? We are. We love to play board games and have game nights. It’s been a while since we had an opportunity to have a game night, so this can be the perfect time to have a game night just the two of us for our Valentine’s Day date night. And it can also be the perfect time for you and your partner to enjoy a game night as well.

There are so many couple games that would be great for Valentine’s Day, but a classic normal game that can be great for getting close and intimate is getting all twisted up in a game of twister. Why not!

10. Do a Puzzle

Do you have a puzzle that you’ve been wanting to take a crack at? A puzzle that you haven’t been able to get to? Why not take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to take out that puzzle and work closely to put it together. 

Puzzle pieces on a black background
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11. Make Breakfast in Bed

Making breakfast in bed is always a perfect romantic surprise for your partner. What is your partner’s favorite breakfast meal? Mine are Belgian waffles. So whether your partner’s is also Belgian waffles, or pancakes, French toast, crepes, eggs, just whip up that delicious breakfast, make some coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a mimosa, put it all on a tray and surprise your partner with breakfast in bed.

Breakfast on a tray for breakfast in bed
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12. Watch a Romantic Comedy Movie

After your candle lit dinner or a few rounds of some board games or after working on that puzzle or your virtual museum or planetarium tour, why not mosey your way into the living room, cuddle up on the couch and end the night with a romantic comedy movie. Perfect ending to the night!

These are all great Valentine’s Day date ideas, so think about choosing one or throwing a few together and make a day out of it. Either way, enjoy your romantic Valentine’s Day date night!

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