RV Camping at Lackawanna State Park in Pennsylvania

13 Fun Activities and Adventures to do While Camping

Whether you are tent or RV camping, you might be looking for activities to do while camping. Well, camping can be a great family fun trip, especially for small children. My son is almost 4 and we took him RV camping for the first time a few weeks ago and he loved it. He had a blast and was sad when we had to leave.

If you are still wary to travel far even though everything is starting to open back up, camping can be a great starting point for you and your family to get comfortable again with traveling places. I recommend that if you are taking your children camping for the first time, you make a reservation at a local campground. You may want to start local and then work your way out after you see how they handle camping.

That’s what we did. Since it was my son’s first camping trip (not counting backyard camping), we booked a campsite at a local campground first to see how he likes camping. And like I already mentioned, he loved it.

There are so many fun activities to do while camping with your kids. Here are 13 Fun Activities to do While Camping!

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1. Hiking

I bought some hiking boots and hiking socks recently with the intent to do some hiking this summer. And what better place to get in that hiking you’ve been waiting to do than during your camping trip surrounded by woods.

My son enjoyed hiking through the woods as he liked to say, “We’re going on an adventure.”

Hiking Trail in the Woods
(Photo Credit: Canva.com, Pexels)

2. Swimming (if the campground has pool or lake)

Swimming is the perfect activity for you to cool down after that hiking adventure. You probably got a little heated and sweaty and need to indulge in some relaxing water time. So if your campground has a pool or lake, throw on that bathing suit, gather up your kiddos, lather them up in suntan lotion and jump in the water.

3. Campfire

You can’t go camping without having a campfire. You can either start it early in the day and enjoy the campfire all day (as long as you are going to be at your campsite) or wait till nighttime and unwind with a campfire at night.

There are also many ways to enjoy a campfire. You can sit, relax with a beer or another type of drink (especially for the kiddos), and just watch the fire. You can cook on the fire—hotdogs are one item you can enjoy cooking on a campfire. And let’s not forget about smore’s; you certainly can’t go camping and have a campfire without roasted marshmallows and smore’s. This is a treat all the kiddos will enjoy!

Campfire While Camping

4. Make Smore’s

Once you have that campfire going, it’s time for smore’s. So don’t forget to stack up with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for your camping trip.

Everyone loves smore’s especially those kiddos. They will be a big hit.

Eating smore's at a campfire

5. Boating/Kayaking

If there is a lake or river at your campground, then boating or kayaking will be a fun activity for the whole family. This can be another way to cool down on a hot day. Cruising down a lake or river with a nice little breeze sounds so amazing, doesn’t it? Maybe you can even stop somewhere a take a quick dip in the water.

Boating on the lake at Lackawanna State Park in Pennsylvania

6. Bike Riding

Don’t forget your bikes. I am sure whichever campground you choose, you will find some nice biking trails or you can bike on the roads close to your campsite. Get your helmets (never bike without helmets, especially the kiddos), grab your bikes and enjoy your family biking trip.

Tip #1 – If you have small kiddos, toddler and preschool age, and your biking up a hill, be prepared for them to struggle, want to get off and walk their bikes. That’s what my son did. 

Little boy riding his bike

7. Play on Playground (if the campground has one)

Little ones love to swing on the swings or slide down the slide. So if there is a playground at your campground, why don’t you jump on your bikes, take a nice biking trip over to the playground and let them play for a little while.

Swings on a playground
(Photo Credit: Canva.com, Pexels)

8. Fishing

If your campground has a lake or river, get that boat out onto the water with your fishing poles, sit, relax and catch some fish. Or if you don’t have boat, you can fish off the dock or stand on the ground.

My son has been asking to go fishing, but we have yet to take him. I’m sure he will enjoy it the first time we go.

9. Listen to Music and Dance

My son loves to dance and if your children do to, why not light that campfire, turn on some music and dance around the campfire.

Be Careful around the campfire of course and make sure to watch those kiddos around the it as well.

10. Collect Sticks

You might have your firewood, but do you need any sticks to add to the fire? This can be a good way to get your kids involved and they’ll quite enjoy searching out and collecting some sticks for the fire.

My son did. My husband gave our son the job of finding sticks for the fire. And my son took the job very seriously, searching all around our campsite for the perfect sticks.

Collecting Sticks for the Campfire

Blowing out the smoke on a stick from the campfire

11. Play Board Games or Cards

Make sure to bring some games in case it rains and you get stuck inside your tent or RV. We had a slew of games packed away and ended up only playing one because we had beautiful weather the whole time, but we were still prepared just in case.

12. Read and Relax

I do love a good book. You can either sit near the fire enjoying that book you’ve been wanting to read or this can be another indoor activity for you in case it rains and you get stuck inside your tent or RV.

13. Birdwatching

Make sure to bring your binocular’s in case there are lots of birds flying around your campsite. You can play a game of guessing what bird that is. I will tell you, I would not be good at this game because I don’t know my birds that well. But my son does like to spot birds flying up above.

If you are looking to do something and go somewhere this summer after not going anywhere for the past year and a half? Camping can be a fun family adventure and trip to enjoy this summer. Just make sure you are prepared for your outdoor adventures as well as if you get stuck inside due to rain.

And if it’s your first camping trip or your first one with your kids, I’m sure you’ll find these fun ideas of activities to do while camping helpful.

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Remember These Fun Activities to do While Camping

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8 thoughts on “13 Fun Activities and Adventures to do While Camping

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    Aanchal Iyer - February 22, 2022

    Camping is the best outdoor adventure. The joy of erecting a tent and sleeping inside it while watching the stars is extraordinary. I would like to add an air gun to your list, which can be used on non-living things as a target.

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - March 13, 2022

      That sounds great. Thanks for another fun activity idea.

  2. Reply
    Karen - August 15, 2021

    Hi! I love to camp and am currently trying to get my grandson to enjoy it. (My daughters aren’t fans; I don’t know what I did wrong, lol). Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - August 16, 2021

      Thank you! I think your grandson will love it. My son loves it.

  3. Reply
    Lyndsey Grantham - August 13, 2021

    All good tips to do while camping! I especially love campfires and making s’mores!

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - August 16, 2021

      I would have to agree with you!

  4. Reply
    Natalie - August 13, 2021

    I love camping activities! Loved them as a kid and still love them as an adult! It’s great that you take your son camping 🙂

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - August 16, 2021

      Thank you! Yes, my son loves it.

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