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22 Unique Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Mom’s are super busy all year taking care of the kids, the husband and the house. They chauffer their kids around to all their sports and activities such as soccer, baseball, dance, gymnastics, swim lessons, karate, music lessons, etc. So why not make Mother’s Day a special day for her by coming up with some original Mother’s Day activity ideas.

I mean, just think of Superwoman, and that’s probably Mom, am I right? So that one day of the year that is all about Mom is the perfect time to make her slow down, make the day all about her, do something special for her, and cater to her for once.

So now you might think, yes I want to do something special for my mom or if you’re Dad, you might want to help your kids do something special for your wife, but what can I do? Need some help coming up with that perfect idea to make her Mother’s Day special, here are 22 unique Mother’s Day activity ideas!

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1. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Who wouldn’t like to sleep in and wake up to breakfast in bed? As a mom myself, I can guarantee you Mom will love breakfast in bed. Just the fact that she won’t have to cook breakfast will be reason enough to enjoy this special Mother’s Day surprise.

Take it even one step further and make her favorite breakfast. You’ll definitely receive bonus points for that!

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2. Take Her to Brunch

Is she more of a brunch person than a breakfast person? Why not research local restaurants that are offering a Mother’s Day brunch and book a reservation. Or maybe she already has a favorite restaurant and you’ll want to make a reservation there.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with a nice family brunch out.

3. Bake Together

Does she love to bake? Do the kids love to bake? If so, then this would be one of your great Mother’s Day activity ideas. Make sure you choose her favorite dessert and make a grocery order to purchase all the ingredients.

Once you have all the ingredients you are set to make her favorite dessert with her.

Sifting flour into a bowl to bake Christmas cookies

4. Take a Virtual Cooking Class Together

Does she love to cook? Has she always wanted to take a cooking class but never got around to it? Maybe she hadn’t had the time. Or maybe she hadn’t had anyone to go with her. This is the perfect time to surprise her with that cooking class she always wanted to take. And I’m sure there is no one she would rather take the class with than her kids.

5. Plan a Spa Day at Home

Why not plan a Mother/Daughter spa day at home? It can consist of manicures and pedicures, facial masks, dying your hair, soaking your feet in a foot bath, and makeup application.

That sounds like a fun day, doesn’t it? Absolutely!

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6. Family Game Night

I love game nights/board games. This sounds like a great Mother’s Day activity to do as a family. The games you may play would range depending on the ages of your kids. You might be partaking in simple, easier, little kid games or trivia games for older kids and adults.

Either way, it can be a fun night.

Playing Monopoly
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7. Watch Her Favorite Movie/TV Show

What’s Mom’s favorite movie or tv show? It may not be the same as yours, but that’s okay. Let her get the TV for a change and let her binge watch her favorite movies or shows. No complaining. Just sit back and watch her enjoy binge watching some of her favorites.

8. Cook Her Favorite Meal

You can plan to cook her favorite meal for dinner. For older kids, I’m sure you can handle making her favorite meal. For little kids, let Dad take the lead with the kids’ help. I’m sure it will turn out great and she will love it.

9. Clean the House for Her

Maybe while she’s doing number 7 above, you can gather all those cleaning supplies and clean the house for her. This one I’m sure she’ll be all for it.

10. Go Berry Picking

Any berry farms near you? I actually have one right down the street from me. So this would definitely be an easy activity for me to partake in on Mother’s Day. Gather a couple of buckets together and make your way over to that berry farm. Maybe after you pick all those berries, you can make a pie or cobbler as a family, combining this activity and the baking together activity that’s listed as number 3 above.

Strawberry picking
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11. Go for a Hike

After being cooped up for so long, quarantined in your houses, and now coming out of winter, a hike would be the perfect activity. Grab your hiking boots, a backpack filled with hiking essentials, pick a hiking trail and go enjoy the fresh air and family time on your hike.

A family hiking
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12. Take Her for a Drive

Why not take her on a nice leisurely spring car ride with the windows rolled down to enjoy the fresh air and music on. Make sure you take her on the scenic route so she can enjoy the sights. Bonus points if you take her somewhere new to enjoy scenery that she hasn’t seen before.

13. Paint/Draw Her a Picture

Don’t worry if you aren’t artsy or crafty. Don’t worry if you can’t draw. If you paint or draw a picture for her, she will love it just because you made it for her. And it will mean more to her that you put the thought, time, and effort into it.

14. Make Her a Homemade Card

Same goes for this one. She will love a homemade card just because you made it for her. This is actually a perfect one for the little ones to do for Mom. They love coloring and doing crafts, so they will love this activity as well.

15. Garden with Her

Does she love to garden? Maybe that’s one of her hobbies. If so, then spending the day gardening would be the perfect day for her. She will love it even more if you offer to help, spending the day gardening with her.

Little girl gardening with her grandparents
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16. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Through COVID-19 there have been so many different museums offering virtual tours. So this can be a great activity to sit down as a family and enjoy a virtual museum tour.

Have you been having traveling-withdrawal? With this activity, you can pretend you have traveled to that city and are touring the museum. Let your imagination run wild.

17. Take Her on a Scavenger Hunt

Why not create a fun scavenger hunt for her. You can make a scavenger list, break out into teams and have each team complete the list. And whoever finishes first, wins. Maybe you can think of something to give as a gift such as: the winners pick the next movie at movie night or pick the game at the next game night or the losing team has to make breakfast/dinner for the winners the next day.

18. Plan a Picnic

You can plan a picnic for her with some of her favorite foods. You can spread out a blanket right in your backyard or go to your nearest park for your picnic. Or maybe you might even have it inside in front of your fireplace. We have done that and it makes for a fun mealtime.

19. Let Her Sleep in

One of the best things you can give Mom on Mother’s Day is to let her sleep in. How often does Mom get to sleep in?

But one piece of advice, if you are letting her sleep in, leave the room and close the door. Take the kids into another room, out of hearing range from her. It certainly would not be any fun trying to sleep while the kids are screaming and jumping on the bed.

20. Book a Weekend Getaway

You can always book a family weekend getaway and take her away somewhere. Where is somewhere she’s been wanting to go or something she’s been wanting to do. Make sure it’s somewhere where she’ll want to go.

21. Do a Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are always fun. Why not pull out a puzzle and start putting it together as a family. You can also have a photo puzzle created, give it to her as a Mother’s Day gift and then tackle putting it together after you gift it to her.

A perfect gift and activity all rolled into one.

Mother and daughter working on a puzzle together
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22. Scrapbook Together

There is nothing like going through photos and taking a trip down memory lane. What’s even better than going through all those photos is creating a scrapbook together so you’ll have all those memories of family trips, family adventures, holidays, birthdays all in one place.

Now that you’ve been given this list, dive deep into what Mom likes. What does she like to do or spend time doing? What are some of her favorite activities? With this list and knowing what Mom likes, you can come up with some unique Mother’s Day activity ideas.

And don’t just show her on Mother’s Day how much you appreciate her. Make sure you show her all the other days of the year as well. Happy Mother’s Day!

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