Grandma tagging along at World's End Park in Pennsylvania

5 Reasons to Bring Grandma on the Family Vacation

You’re planning your family vacation and you’ve figured out where you want to go this year. But before booking the vacation, you ask yourself, should I bring Grandma on the family vacation? You are not alone in this question. Many families contemplate bringing Grandma along, whether it be to babysit or you just want your kids to have that extra time with Grandma. 

Grandma tagging along can have many benefits. And here are 5 reasons to bring Grandma on the family vacation!

1. Grandma can Babysit

One benefit of having Grandma tag along on your family vacation is they can watch the kids while you and your spouse have some alone time. Nothing is better than a trusted babysitter. So, enjoy a spa day or a date night and go out to dinner just the two of you or some pool time by yourselves or if you’re at an amusement park enjoy some bigger rides while Grandma watches the kids.

It has certainly been a benefit for us. We visit an indoor waterpark every winter and since it’s close to home, my mother-in-law comes for a day to enjoy some time with her grandson and she watches him while my husband and I go on some of the bigger waterslides. We appreciate having that little bit of time to ourselves to enjoy some of the park that my son is still too young for.

2. Quality Family Time

This is an amazing opportunity for family relationships to grow, especially your kids relationships with their grandparents. Kids love their grandparents and your kids will enjoy having that time to spend with them. Everyone will appreciate having that quality family time on your family vacation. 

3. Saving Money

Going on vacation with Grandma can be a way to save a little money. A trip may have just gone from being a little out of your price range to more affordable by inviting Grandma. This way you can split the accommodations and costs between you and Grandma. 

4. Memories to Cherish

Nothing can beat the memories from these shared vacations. You can make lasting memories for the whole family. Lasting memories for your kids. This will just make the bond for your kids and Grandma grow even stronger.

Grandma tagging along at Knoebels in Pennsylvania

5. Shared Experiences

Bringing Grandma on vacation with you will give you many shared experiences that you won’t want to miss. Whether they are family vacations at the beach, a cruise, Disney, or an amusement park or waterpark, your kids will bring those experiences and memories with them for a lifetime.

So consider taking Grandma on your next family vacation because there are many benefits on bring her along.

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Do you bring Grandma on your family vacations? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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