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5 Reasons to Visit an Indoor Waterpark in the Summer

Waterparks have become all the rage. And now we have more options when it comes to waterparks. Indoor waterparks are becoming more popular. So what would you choose—an indoor waterpark or an outdoor waterpark this summer?

Here are 5 reasons to choose an indoor waterpark this summer.

1. Stay Out of the Heat

If you are not a fan of the heat or have little kids that you want to keep out of the heat, an indoor waterpark would be the best choice over an outdoor waterpark. This is a way to have fun in the water and swim without having to worry about the heat draining your energy and you trying to find ways to keep the babies and toddlers covered up.

Penguin Bay at Camel Beach Waterpark for the Babies and Toddlers

2. Avoid the Sun

Choosing an indoor waterpark keeps you and your kids out of the sun. This way you don’t have to worry about lathering them up with suntan lotion and then repeating every hour. And let’s face it…no one likes suntan lotion and little kids never standstill long enough for you to put it on. So not having to worry about it is definitely a plus.

3. Avoid Bad Weather

What happens if it starts raining or a storm passes through? Or lightning and thunder starts? They’ll shut all the rides and pools down at the outdoor waterpark. But they won’t need to if your indoors. Your kids can keep enjoying the rides and water.

Kids Section at an Indoor Waterpark we visited in the Winter

4. Staying Close to Home

So many indoor waterparks keep popping up that chances are you have one close to you or within a couple hours away. If you don’t have the time or money to go far, you can hopefully find one close to you and go for a weekend or a few days. This is true for me and my family. We have 3 indoor waterparks near us…Camelbeach Mountain Park, Kalahari Resorts, and Great Wolf Lodge. We only go for a couple nights because by the end of the third day, my son is usually wiped out.

5. Indoor Waterpark Includes Outdoor Section

Some indoor waterparks may also include an outdoor section. So if you visit an indoor waterpark, you may also choose to enjoy the outdoor park for a little while. It’s great to have the option of staying indoors or deciding to get a little sun and try a ride in the outdoor section, but then heading back inside when you had enough of the sun.

This concludes my 5 reasons why you should choose an indoor waterpark this summer.

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