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6 Reasons Why a Land Vacation is Better Than a Cruise

For some, choosing between a land vacation and a cruise can be difficult. Which one will be more fun? Which will have more adventure? Each option has both, so it all depends on what fits better for your family. Some will say land vacations are definitely more up their alley. So why is a land vacation better than a cruise you ask?

Here are 6 reasons why a land vacation is better than a cruise!

Universal Studios in Florida
(Universal Studios in Florida)

1. Spending More Than 1 Day at your Destination

Unlike a cruise, you are able to spend more than 1 day at your destination when you choose a land vacation. This gives you more time to explore the city you are visiting. And let’s face it, each city you may visit has so much to see and offer that you will definitely want to see it all. On a cruise you don’t get that luxury because you’re only able to visit each destination for 1 day before you have to get back on the ship and sail to your next destination. 

The beach at Nags Head, North Carolina
(Nags Head, North Carolina)

2. Exploring More of your Destination

With a land vacation, you will be able to explore more of your destination—see multiple sights, go on multiple tours, hopefully see the whole city.

You won’t be limited with choosing only 1 tour for that particular destination like you are with a cruise because your stay will be much longer.

On water in Venice, Italy
(Venice, Italy)

3. No Motion Sickness

If you get motion sickness, even though you can take Dramamine, you may choose to stay on land then hop onto a ship. When choosing a land vacation, you won’t get the swaying and rocking of a ship that may make you motion sick. You will most likely want to keep both feet on the ground at all times. And that’s okay. Then a land vacation is more for you.

4. Less People

A land vacation will have less people. I mean, you may go on tours where there may be a crowd and lots of people around, but once you leave the touring sight, you can then escape to your hotel. On a cruise, there are more people and a lot more crowds and it’s harder to escape unless you go to your room.

Also, on a cruise, if you have a designated time to eat dinner and your party is really small, you may end up sitting at a table with other people and are forced to mingle even if you don’t want to. When you make a reservation at a restaurant on your land vacation, you don’t have to worry about possibly sitting with other people.

5. No Worries About Crashing

If you choose to go on a land vacation, a very important advantage over a cruise is you don’t have to worry about the ship crashing. You can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about this.

6. Not Limited on Activities and Tours

If you choose a land vacation, you can do as many tours as you would like and see as many sights as you want to. Nothing is stopping you…make sure you see the whole city. And if there is a particular activity you want to do, you can research it and see where in that city they are offering it and sign up for it. You don’t have a cruise ship with a particular schedule and timeline holding you back.

You are limited on activities and tours on a cruise. If you decide to book your tours through the ship, you are limited on what activities you can partake in. And if you see more than 1 tour you would like to do, unfortunately, you can only choose 1 because that is all you will have time for before having to get back on the ship.

Visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
(Colosseum in Rome, Italy)

With the vast variety that a land vacation can offer, this may be more up your alley for your family. It will give you a chance to spend more time exploring the city you’re visiting. If a land vacation is your choice for your next family vacation, make it enjoyable!

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