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6 Reasons Why and How to Host an Usborne Books Party

Have you ever heard of Usborne Books? Have you ever had an Usborne Books party? I was just introduced to these books a few months ago when a family member was having an Usborne Books Facebook party. And I love these books now. They have so many different variety of books from newborn to middle school and they have some really great unique books that I haven’t seen anywhere else but with Usborne.

We love books in my house and my son loves them too, so when I was invited to 2 separate Usborne Books Facebook parties a few months ago, I naturally bought a couple books. I was not interested in hosting a party at the time, but as we got closer to the holidays, I thought with doing all my Christmas shopping online this year, what better way than ordering books as gifts. And if I can get some free books! Even better. So I recently decided to have a holiday Usborne Books party.

Interested in having one, here are 5 reason you should host an Usborne Book party!

1. Facebook Party

With Usborne you have an option to have a Facebook party if you don’t want a party at your house. And with our current situation, Facebook would be the better option. So the fact that you can still have an Usborne Books party by signing up to host a Facebook party is definitely a reason to host one. You’ve been away from friends and family and stuck in your houses for 10 months, and you may be missing that interaction and connection with other people (ones that are not in your household), so this would be a great way to virtually get together with everyone and have that human interaction you are craving right now. A good way to stay connected with your family and friends.

2. Receive FREE and Discounted Children’s Books

The most exciting part about having an Usborne Books party; the FREE and discounted books you can receive. If your kids love books like my son does, the more books you can get for free, the better. Am I right? What better way than receiving free books.

Tip#1 – You will want to make sure you are inviting enough people to your Facebook party, so that you can receive enough YES’, so that you will receive enough sales to receive those free and discounted books. Your sales have to reach $100 before any of that host bonus’ go into effect. For getting $100 in sales, you will receive $10 free books and $25 worth of books at 50% off. But once you reach $100, your rewards will only go up from there with more sales.

Usborne Books Home Page

3. Unique and Different Books Your Children will Love

When I was first introduced to these books a few months ago and I started browsing the books on the website, I was surprised by the many unique and different books they had. They have shine-a light books, which my son loves. These you use a flashlight behind the page to light up and see other parts of the pages. Wipe clean activity books to help with ABC’s and 123’s and getting ready to start school. Sticker books, lift the flap books, science experiment books, puzzles, and so much more.

Shine-A-Light Books

4. Great Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Looking for the perfect Christmas and birthday gifts for you children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren? What better gift than a book! Contact your Usborne Books consultant to host a party to receive free and great discounted children books that can be given as the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. Or you can attend a party or just purchase an order through your consultant.

Don’t have a consultant, try Lee Ann. You can contact her through her VIP Usborne Books Facebook group.

5. Giving the Gift of Learning

Stuck on what you should get your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren for Christmas or birthdays? Why not give the gift of learning. Kids can learn so much from books. Even from a very early age. That’s how they expand their vocabulary when they’re little. It teaches them language and emotions. It teaches them imagination and exploration, and sharpens their memory. Books bring children joy and a way for them to learn in a fun and exciting way.

Having Fun Reading a Book

6. You Can Find a Book of Interest for Any Child

Usborne Books have so many different variety of books that I’m sure you can find something for every child. They like trucks, helicopters, or trains, Usborne Books has those. How about dinosaurs or animals, Usborne has those. What about activity books, stickers, coloring, painting, crafts, lift-the-flap, puzzles, science and steam books, or fiction for older children? You guessed it, Usborne Books has all of those too.

How to Have an Usborne Books Facebook Party?

If you are interested in hosting a Usborne Books Facebook party, you are now wondering how do I host an Usborne Books Facebook party.

Here are instructions on how to host that perfect Facebook party!

1. Find an Usborne Books Consultant

First you would need an Usborne Books consultant. Maybe you know someone who is a consultant. Or maybe you have a friend who recently had a party and you can use their consultant.

Or if don’t know a consultant, you can use Lee Ann. You can contact her through her VIP Usborne Books Facebook group.

Lee Ann Davidovich VIP Usborne Books Facebook Group

2. Book a Party Through Your Consultant

Once you find that consultant, let her know that you want to book a party through her. She will be more than happy to throw you a Facebook party. After-all, that is how she makes her money—commissions off sales and what’s the best way for them to make sales? You hosting a party. So they will be thrilled you want to host a party.

3. Send Personal Messages through Facebook Messenger

Doing this step is a great way for you to ensure you are only inviting the people that are truly interested in the party. You want to make sure you are inviting good, quality invitees that will participate and make a purchase in the end.

4. Invite Them to the Party

Once you start getting responses from your personal messages you sent, start sending out the invites to the yes’ you got. The ones that said, “yes, I am interested in attending your party”.

5. Your Consultant Will Start Posting

Once your consultant sets up the Facebook party and you are getting some that are accepting your invites, your consultant will post periodically throughout the week, leading up to the party. This is to get everyone excited about the party and to start some interactions.

Then comes time for the party. When the party starts she will start posting frequently, numbering her posts, and playing games. Everybody who participates in the games and comments on the posts will get a chance to win a free book.

You should be interacting and participating throughout the week, the day of the party, and at the party. So make sure you are commenting on every post. This will also help you get your guests to interact and participate.

Tip #2 – While you should be commenting on every post, participating, and interacting, you should know that as the host, you will not be able to win the free book from commenting on posts.

6. Now Comes the Purchases

Throughout the week, your guests can have the option for your consultant to set them up with a wish list. Then at the end of the party, they can go through their wish list and pick the books they would like to purchase. Once they checkout, their purchase will go towards your sales and you will be one step closer to receiving those rewards for hosting a party.

Once the party closes, if the sales from your party are over $100, you will start receiving some great rewards, starting at $100 in sales, you will receive $10 free books and $25 worth of books at 50% off.

Tip #3 – Not everyone who has an Usborne Books Facebook party will have the sales of their party reach $100. That’s why it’s important to reach out and invite as many people as you can and to stay active throughout your whole Facebook party. Hopefully your interaction and excitement will help you reach your goal and get you some amazing rewards.

Now you know why and how you should host an Usborne Books Facebook party!

If you would like to host a party and don’t have a consultant, You can contact Lee Ann through her VIP Usborne Books Facebook group.

If you do host a party, I hope you have a successful party and you reach your goals to receive some amazing bonus’ and rewards.

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