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"You don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination." - Anonymous

Traveling can be a way to disappear from reality for a little while and step into a world of wonderment.

How Can Round Trip Help You?

Round Trip is a travel and adventure blog focused on bringing families together and staying connected through the excitement of travel. Whether you stay close to home or fly far, Round Trip can help you and your family discover the world together.

When becoming a parent, some think their traveling days are over. But that's not true. Instead make it a reason to travel. An opportunity to teach your children different cultures, show them different parts of the world, help them discover new adventures, and help them gain the confidence to try new things. There are so many things just waiting for you to uncover with your children.

Now, if you're ready for that perfect adventure or family trip to take with your children? Round Trip focuses on children oriented activities and events, family friendly adventures, family trips, and travel tips. But if you can't get away for that amazing family trip, and instead need to stay close to home, Round Trip has something for you too. I have some great ideas for staying close to home or at home, like a day trip to a river or turning your backyard into a campground.

And I haven't forgotten about you, parents. While my focus is on traveling with children, I also cover grown-up getaways because let's face it, us parents need a break sometimes too.

So dive into Round Trip and see how it can help you!


Want To Know More About Me?

Kayaking on Lake Michigan

My name is Anna and in 2020 I decided to combine 2 passions of mine, traveling and writing, and that's when my journey with this travel blog started.

I'm not a full-time traveler and I didn't quite my job to start this blog. I have a full-time job working in advertising sales. But this has given me the opportunity to do something I love.

However, I am not new to travel.

I grew up traveling around the world, going on vacations every Summer with my Uncle starting when I was 6 years old. They were some of the best and most memorable memories I have growing up.

As I got older, my love for traveling, seeing different cultures, experiencing new foods, and taking on new adventures, continued to grow.

When I first met my now husband at 23, he hadn't experienced the exorbitant vacations I had. His vacations consisted of camping, quading, and RV trips, which he loved.

But I introduced him to another side of traveling, starting with our first trip to Los Angeles in 2008 and he shortly fell in love with traveling too. Since then we have taken cruises, been to Disney, seen Europe and have traveled to numerous other states in the U.S.  Furthermore, we have gone horse back riding, rode in a helicopter, zip-lining, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, and more.

We got married in 2015. In 2016 we traveled to Rome, Venice, and took a cruise to the Greek Islands for our honeymoon, and in 2017, had a beautiful son.

We plan to continue our traveling and adventures with our son. Because most importantly, I want our son to grow up experiencing the joy of traveling and learning about different cultures like I did.

That's what I want to accomplish with this blog. To help parents and their children discover the opportunities of finding the joys in travel and discovering the world together.

Enjoy Your Trip!

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