Blueberries on a bush at a berry farm

Berry Picking: The Best Family-Friendly Summer Activity

The perfect activity during the summer and one that kids seem to enjoy is berry picking. And one of the best things about berry picking is probably tasting those berries along the way. Wouldn’t you agree?

Row of blueberry bushes

Once you pick out that perfect farm and have a berry picking trip planned, now you need to decide what is the best clothes to wear.

What to Wear to Go Berry Picking

You want to be comfortable while you are berry picking, right? So what to wear?

I suggest sticking with closed toe shoes, especially if you’ll be walking through woods, having to walk over branches and around bushes.

If you are going to a berry farm and it’s hot outside, I’m sure you can get away with shorts and a t-shirt, but if you are going out into the woods, I would recommend long sleeved shirts and pants. It can protect you against picker bushes and bugs of course. Those annoying, persistent mosquitos could be brutal, and also be careful of ticks as well, making sure to check yourself and the kids for ticks once you get home.

Next, I would bring a sunhat and sunglasses, especially for the kiddos as it can protect them against the sun. You wouldn’t want to be squinting the whole time you’re there. And make sure to slather them up in suntan lotion.

Arriving at the Berry Farm

I have a berry farm right down the street from my house and since they don’t have a set schedule, it can be difficult to plan for a berry picking trip. They are open between 9am and 12 Noon, but they don’t have set days. It all depends on the weather (it rains here a lot) and closed on Sundays. And with me working during the week, that only leaves Saturdays. But again depending on the weather they are not always open on Saturdays either. So it makes it hard to plan a berry picking adventure in advance.

So my son and I decided one Saturday morning to take a walk up to the Berry Farm not knowing whether they’ll be open or not, but luckily they were.

Walking to a berry farm

After arriving, we picked out a basket, the lady told us what row to go to, and making our way there, started picking blueberries.

It was actually the perfect day for berry picking. While the sun was shining bright in the sky, it was a cooler morning with slight breeze, making the adventure that much easier without the heat burning down on us.

Berry Seasons

What type of berries are you interested in picking—strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries? All of these berries are so delicious carrying their own sweet or tart explosion on your tongue.

Berries can be in season anywhere from Spring into Fall, with each having it’s peak seasons.

Please Note: The different seasons for all these berries might differ a little by state. These are based on the seasons in Pennsylvania.


Early in the season is May 20.

The peak (most active) season is June 1-June 10.

Late in the season is June 25.

Basket of strawberries
(Photo Credit:


Early in the season is July 1.

The peak (most active) season is July 5-July 21.

Late in the season is August 1.

Holding a handful of raspberries
(Photo Credit: Pexels,


Early in the season is July 10.

The peak (most active) season is July 15-July 30.

Late in the season is August 10.

Bowl of Blackberries
(Photo Credit:


Early in the season is June 20.

The peak (most active) season is July 5-August 10.

Late in the season is August 15.

Holding blueberries after picking them

We ended up going a little later in the season during blueberry season. Strawberry and Raspberry season were already over. I was bummed I couldn’t pick raspberries because I wanted to make a raspberry pie, so I might need to just buy them from the store to make that pie.

The Fun of Berry Picking

Picking blueberries and putting them in the basket

Now that we finally made it there one Saturday morning, it was time to pick blueberries.

This was my son’s first time, so I had to keep reminding him to pick the purple blueberries, not any of the red or green ones because they aren’t quite ripe yet.

And then once he started eating the sweet, juicy blueberries, he couldn’t seem to stop. I had to remind him to stop eating all of them and start putting them in the basket, or else we wouldn’t have any to take home.

We were only planning on picking enough for us to eat some. I didn’t want to bring home too many and have them go bad because we couldn’t eat them fast enough, but then my son kept asking if we can bake something. So we ended up filling the basket to make sure we had enough to bake something. At that time I wasn’t sure what we were going to make, but the plan was to make something.

After enjoying some quality mother/son time, picking blueberries, eating the delicious blueberries, and filling our basket, we made our way out of the row to check out. While my excited little boy was chatting up the lady, telling her all about he couldn’t stop eating them, I paid her and we made our way back home.

Baking the Blueberries

When we got home, I jumped on Pinterest to see what I can find that we can bake with the blueberries. Other than finding a dessert that we liked and wanted to bake, I also had to make sure we had all the ingredients.

We settled on delicious blueberry donuts and a juicy, crispy blueberry crisp and still had some leftover to enjoy on its own.

Blueberry Donut

Blueberry Crisp

Overall, the berry picking adventure and the fun baking was a great day and success!

If you have a berry farm nearby, in your town or area, it would definitely be a great summer activity for you and your kids and some great quality time spent with them as well.

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Have you ever gone berry picking before? Is berry picking on your list of things to do this summer? I want to hear all about it in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Berry Picking: The Best Family-Friendly Summer Activity

  1. Reply
    April - July 13, 2022

    This is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to take my family this season!

  2. Reply
    Bryan - July 6, 2022

    I don’t even know if we have a berry- picking farm nearby. If we do, no one is talking about it. Anyway, this is a fun family activity- reminds me of things I did as a kid that I almost never do now.

  3. Reply
    Cinny - July 6, 2022

    Those berries look so delicious! I know my preschooler would love that activity.

  4. Reply
    Ntensibe Edgar - July 6, 2022

    Nnniiiicccceeeee…I would surely love to go berry-picking! It has to be a very good experience.

  5. Reply
    Beth - July 6, 2022

    We love to go berry picking. We have a few U-pick farms in our area, and we go to all of them every year.

  6. Reply
    briannemanzb - July 6, 2022

    Berry picking in summer is the best. I’d love to take my kids to this one. It’s gonna be so much fun.

  7. Reply
    Kelly Bolen - July 6, 2022

    Wow! I had no idea there were farms like this! It looks like a great time, although I probably would have been eating more than actually putting into my basket! LOL

  8. Reply
    Crystal Carder - July 6, 2022

    Thank you so much for this information! I love picking berries, now I will know the best times!

  9. Reply
    Tweenselmom - July 6, 2022

    Those blueberries look so fresh and yum! I would loove to go berry picking someday as well.

  10. Reply
    Adriane - August 31, 2021

    Such a cute post. I always hesitated to go berry picking because I thought they would go to waste. I love the baking idea.

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - September 2, 2021

      I felt the same way, which is why I tried to figure out some things to bake. It is a great idea.

  11. Reply
    Cosette - August 31, 2021

    Love berry picking, we went berry picking last year in September and loved it. Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Our son liked the strawberry picking less, since there were bees all around.

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - August 31, 2021

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. My son enjoyed it too. But there were bees around when we were blueberry picking as well.

  12. Reply
    Grace - August 12, 2021

    I feel like I have all of the info and inspiration to go berry picking with the family. I really like that you put the dates for the seasons of each berry. Looks like we still have time to go blueberry picking! Thank you!

    1. Reply
      Anna Bobar - August 16, 2021

      Absolutely! Go…it’s a lot of fun!

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